There are many alternatives to finding solutions to Family Law problems besides heading to the Family Law Courts.

We encourage our clients to consider less costly pathways than the Court process in any situation.

Proceeding directly to Court can be expensive and take an emotional toll, particularly given the delays in the Court lists.

Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution for children’s issues is often a good first step to try and resolve problems with the assistance of an experienced Mediator and with the appropriate legal advice.

This approach can often be very cost effective as well.

Mediation can also be helpful in property settlement matters, particularly if there is a low asset pool, and a reasonable amount of goodwill and trust between the parties.

It is essential however before embarking on any form of mediation that you first obtain legal advice as to your legal position and particularly as to likely negotiated outcomes.

We are more than happy to provide this advice at the outset and direct you to appropriate mediation services.

We can also organise private mediations where the parties are both legally represented and with a properly instructed mediator. Again, this can be a cost effective solution to a Court litigation pathway.